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Paternity Test if Pregnant

Learn about DNA Test while Pregnant

If you are pregnant but still not sure about the baby's father, then you can perhaps consider a 23dna paternity testing. DNATest while pregnant can accurately tell you whether a man you suspect to be your baby's father is really its biological father. There are 2 types of 23dna tests; Invasive and Non-invasive. Invasive procedures are done through 2 methods namely; amniocentesis ( sample of the amniotic fluid) and chorionic villus sampling (small sample of the placenta). While amniocentesis is performed at later stages of pregnancy, Chorionic Villus Sampling is performed at the very early stages of pregnancy.

non Invasive 23dna test during pregnancy has become very common now-a-days due to the reduced risk associated with it. DNA test during pregnancy are also used for medical reasons. There are cases, where the obstetrician may take samples in order to see the health of the unborn baby. So you can perform DNA test while pregnant to confirm your baby's paternity and for other medical reasons.

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